The former regime baron in Yaounde is “pretentious” that the leader of the MRC claims success in front of Nigeria.

When he talks about the Bakassi case, Joseph Owona magnifies Paul Biya. A guest on CRTV’s 20:30 newscast on November 2, 2018, the former Baron of the Biya regime overestimated the role of his former boss. The academic said that if Cameroon was given back Bakassi, it is thanks to Paul Biya who knew how to listen to the advice. For him, “it is Biya the hero of Bakassi”. That said, because he agreed to extend the conflict across the Chadian border to Akwayafe.


Joseph Owona argues that the Cameroonian president was able to execute this judgment by resorting to negotiations. He adds that Bakassi is the result of Cameroonian expertise combined with international expertise. Owona then quotes Professor Bipoun Woum for his knowledge of African international law, Professor Ntamack for his knowledge of the law of Anglophones, Generals Tataw and Semengue for strategic problems, the late Bodo ex director of the cadastre who knew the whole Cameroon border plot. That said he goes on to challenge the tunic of heroes that seems to show Maurice Kamto.

“As for the personality you want to cite, she played an exceptional role also by pleading like all other personalities. But I can not say that she is the hero of Bakassi as I saw in the journal Mutations. Bakassi is the fruit, I would say the conjunction of a good strategic direction of the case and the conjunction of a Cameroonian expertise that has combined with international expertise. It is very pretentious that an individual raises his finger and says “listen, I was the hero of Bakassi”. The constitutionalist strongly supports that “the hero is many Cameroonians and first the head of state Paul Biya”