We must listen to Maurice Kamto – Bishop Sammuel Kleda

The soap opera of the 2018 presidential election, far from being finished, is only beginning

Archbishop Kleda: “We must listen to Maurice Kamto and let him present the arguments of his victory.” The President of the Episcopal Conference of Cameroon, Bishop Kleda during a press conference held yesterday in the economic capital of Cameroon returned on the major issue of the news, the presidential election.

The bishop of Douala who succeeded Cardinal Christian Tumi, is from the Far North region, part of the marginalized country with 35% of children under the age of 07 living there without civil status, so 70% of young addicted to the hard drug Tramol, 70% of unemployment, and already a cholera epidemic that has killed more than 35 people in recent months.


The prelate said he does not believe in the results of the polls in the far north, north-west and south-west regions, the latter two being in the grip of a civil war. “I do not believe not to the results obtained by the president Paul Biya … in the extreme north, the northwest and the southwest “explains Monsignor Kleda, regions where the ballot was contested by almost all the opposition with in head Maurice Kamto.

The churchman also says he does not understand how one can win an election and militarize all cities. “It seems that from one moment to another, the country will be attacked, that means that our leaders know that something is wrong. ”

According to sources close to the candidate elected according to the PV in his possession, Maurice KAMTO is preparing something unprecedented in the field of post-electoral disputes, unprecedented in the world in legal terms.

The serial of the 2018 presidential election, far from being finished, is just beginning.