Washington prepares to send soldiers to DRC

US troops have been deployed to Gabon to prevent possible violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo, following Congolese presidential elections last Sunday, said Donald Trump.
In a letter to the leaders of the US Congress, the President of the United States says that a first group of about 80 soldiers arrived in Gabon on Wednesday.

Washington prepares to send soldiers to DRC
Washington prepares to send soldiers to DRC

According to Donald Trump, the troops were mobilized to protect American citizens and diplomatic representations of his country in Kinshasa, the capital of the DRC.

“The soldiers will remain in the area until the security situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo becomes such that their presence is no longer necessary,” he said.

According to Trump, additional American forces could deploy in Gabon “if necessary”.

The Congolese electoral commission was to publish the provisional results of the presidential election on Sunday. But she said that their publication could be delayed because of the slow counting of votes.

The Congolese National Episcopal Conference (Cenco), which represents the Catholic Church in the DRC, said Thursday that it knew the name of the winner of the presidential election.

The Cenco, which had deployed observers in polling stations during the polls, refrained from revealing the name of the one who, according to her, won the presidential election. She asked the electoral commission to proclaim the results in “truth and justice”.


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