URGENT: strike threat in public hospitals

The stoppage of work in public hospitals will take effect on 21 January

“There is new reign in public health facilities, a feeling of helplessness, sadness, abandonment, let go, frustration susceptible; to alter the quality of care, the development of staff and immerse staff in bad practices so much criticized in Cameroonian hospitals >>. It is in these terms that the trade unions (SYNPEMS and CAP / SANTE) in the medical sector expressed their poor working conditions in a correspondence they sent to the public authorities, particularly the hospital directors, the State Secretariat in Defense, DGRE, International Labor Office, Media, etc.

In a letter to the editor of cameroon daily journal, dated January 7, they notify the stop work in public hospitals which will take effect on January 21 next.


In the document below, they take offense at the fact that the various measures taken by the public authorities to solve the problems of Cameroon’s health workers are not being applied.

URGENT: strike threat in public hospitals
URGENT: strike threat in public hospitals

These are among others:

– Premiums granted to medical and paramedical personnel of the State under the labor code;

– Methods of allocating quotas on all services paid for medical and paramedical personnel exercising in public health facilities;

– the harmonization of the age of retirement;

– the payment of the non-housing allowance to the staff of the first to the sixth category;

– The systematic retirement of staff affected by the age limit.

It should be noted that these claims are several years old. It will be remembered that the doctors had started strikes in the capital and the former Minister of Health held a meeting to promise the body the immediate resolution of their problem. But it is clear that until today nothing is done.



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