URGENT: RFI correspondent in Cameroon under death threats

cameroondailyjournal/Polycarpe ESSOMBA, permanent correspondent of RFI in Cameroon, has been living in psychosis for some time. He is constantly victim of death threats by anonymous calls.

Joined by phone by writing your news site www.camerounweb.com, the former Chief Editor of Radio and Television Equinoxe and promoter of the late radio # Afrik2_radio refused to comment on this.

Our attempts to have it were futile. During the Presidential Election Polycarpe ESSOMBA presented a program to Vox Africa related to the election

Recall that a few days ago, the web journalism Michel BIEM TONG received flattering son of the Chief of Military Security (SEMIL) Colonel Joel Emile BAMKOUI asking him to find him in his office located at headquarters at Yaounde.

Once in his office, Michel BIEM TONG will see himself after being interrogated, taken to the jails of Sed where he is still held until now. This means that after the election becomes a nightmare for journalists.