Questioning the appropriateness of the arrest of the journalist of Équinoxe TV and radio MIMI MEFO TAKAMBOU, the SDF deputy, the Honorable Jean Michel NINTCHEU has come to the evidence that this is a diversion.

Indeed in this outing, the MP explains that the detention of MIMI MEFO is a strategy for the BIYA regime to divert attention to the difficulties it faces. According to him, it is simply a matter of creating or balancing a new business to try to kill another that is potentially more explosive.

He goes on to say that the aim is to dispel national consciousness of the post-election demands and the dark affair of the 79 hostages freed in the north-west who have not yet finished revealing their secrets. Finally he stresses that the outrage that Cameroonians have towards MIMI MEFI and other journalists in detention should not write off other scabrous cases for which the regime wants to maintain the diversion.

Here is the entirety of his post


Mimi Mefo must be released immediately. That is my position.

Beyond this non-negotiable requirement, let me ask myself about the succession of cases that have littered our daily lives in recent days.

No regime has any interest in being hara-kiri, especially after a swearing-in ceremony following a highly contested election. Not even the Stalinist-type regimes. I remain convinced that Mimi Mefo would not have been chosen at random. It is the first of a pre-established list of journalists, if one sticks to the statements of some officials of journalists’ unions.

She is a woman. She is a journalist serving in a major press group whose popularity and notoriety are recognized. Even more, she is an investigative journalist conducting investigations in the northwestern and southwestern regions.


Knowing the methods of the regime, she was one of the ideal targets to diversion in case of difficulty. Creating or balancing a new case to try to kill another that is potentially explosive to the system, has always been set up in crisis management mode by Mr. Biya’s scheme.

Seen in this light, the completely unjustified incarceration of the excellent journalist Mimi Mefo is clearly part of a planned diversion strategy to dispel the post-election demands of the national conscience as well as the dark affair of the 79 hostages released in the north. west who has not finished delivering his secrets yet.

The time between hostage taking and release will be documented in the Guinness Book of Records. It should be borne in mind that if, following an independent investigation, this hostage-taking proves to be pure construction, this case will bring down the Republic 20 times because of the international political tectonics that this occur.


The various hostages taken since the appearance of the Boko Haram sect could thus be questioned by all our partners in the fight against insecurity. The image of this regime will sink permanently into the sewers of international security cooperation.

The supporters of the regime are well aware that the Mimi Mefo affair is a black and indelible task at the beginning of the seven-year term. At the same time they are certainly aware that this diversion is the least harm in view of potentially explosive black files that they have trouble digesting at the beginning of this seven-year term.

Fighting vigorously for the release of Mimi Mefo – as well as several other journalists who are in the sights of a justice with orders like Joseph Olinga – should not in any case make us go through losses and profits from other scabrous businesses for which they want to maintain the diversion. This is the trap to avoid.