cameroondailyjournal/Formerly, it was said that despite the bad work, you guarantee at least peace in Cameroon. That was your emblem. Today, this argument no longer holds the debates, because you revealed yourself unable to solve an insignificant problem.

By having your fellow citizens beaten during a simple peaceful march, you created the Anglophone crisis.

You radicalized opinions.
And if we are in crisis to this day, if part of our country is devastated, it’s all your fault, dear lion-man.

And now, the check is ringing.

What are you going to hang on to now?

Formerly, it was said that Cameroon is a great football country, and that it is also thanks to your dynamism.
We even decided to congratulate you, to offer you the organization of the Africa Cup.

But you have achieved the incredible feat of losing this transnational rendezvous, and we are entering history as the land of ultimate mediocrity.

What are you going to hang dear “President”? What will you use to defend yourself, you whose talent is visible only in the illogical?

Today, nothing remains to you
Only the camp of those who accepted the sardine supports you.
So that was the strength of the experience?
The experience of slogans hollow and without substance

While the people were waiting for a concrete program, a real vision of what we call “development”
You used nominal sentences for it; empty words 36 years

In the real life of your country, we can divert the budget of 500 000 computers, say that 32 = 500, and be evacuated in Switzerland for a pain in the hand, without any sanction falls
It is to prevent your citizens to express that you send your heavily armed maids, as if our conferences concealed bombs.

We were told that you had the gift of ubiquity, that you were everywhere at once, and that you knew everything that was going on in your country.
It is certainly thanks to that that you always knew where our campaign teams were, in order to send the police to ban our meetings and our marches.

Curiously, you were unable to monitor the evolution of the work of your stadiums, to make sure we would be ready on the day
You dragged us right into the deluge, but without being able to build an ark.

This is where all your mediocrity lies

Faced with the fiasco that stands up and ridicules us in front of the world, you have certainly already planned retaliation against your ministers and collaborators.


Since it went wrong, you think it’s their fault, yours, your famous “entourage”.

But if the result had been another, you would have collected all the honors alone, without there being a citizen whom you encourage.

This maneuver also does not work anymore: you have to assume as chief in charge of your mistakes.

The conclusion is clear and flawless: your rating is bad, Mister President.

Your only experience was your art of retaining your power, and to subdue anyone who would try to take it from you

For the rest, your government, your administration and yourself have been totally incompetent
No offense to your supporters, who voted because of the sardine, without knowing the real issues and without understanding anything

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The people do not love you today anymore. He disapproves of you day by day without hiding anymore.

He realizes besides that it has never been of love, but the fear and the psychosis that you let propagate within it, to zombify and better control it.

There lies all your cowardice

If your country was normal, it’s already 24 hours since you announced your withdrawal from the scene
But the power is too succulent, to see you make a decision as historical as healthy.

You do not even realize that your artificial victory sounded like a national mourning.

The mass did not dance when learning that it would still be you the main course.

On the other hand if one came to announce to them your death
They will ring the drum and the horn
Here where they arrived
There where led your emptiness


Japoma Stadium in Construction
Today, the whole country rejoices after we have lost the CAN, in a nauseating atmosphere

You should ask yourself questions if we are crazy or if the reasons are deeper

Great ambitions, great achievements, gross seduction
It’s time to stop your big dreams

The times ahead are likely to be dark
In any case, they are already largely for us and for
you So beware of this people still asleep, because he has for him the strength of numbers
Sooner or later, he could get tired of your infamous results

You are like a man who cheated on his wife for the 36th consecutive day
Despite that, you still cling to the executive
You are the first of the spongy
You have been in almost nothing helpful

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Because instead of great achievements
You have brought us great humiliations

Ekanga Ekanga Claude Wilfried