Switzerland: leak of Paul Biya’s medical bulletin in Geneva….Jean-Pierre Du Pont

Paul Biya, who has been in power for more than 35 years, ran for another term in October 2018
The president would be in bad shape if we believe the medical record of the dictator, that BAS Geneva was able to get through the benevolence of physicians acquired the cause of our fight.

Switzerland: leak of Paul Biya's medical bulletin in Geneva....Jean-Pierre Du Pont
Switzerland: leak of Paul Biya’s medical bulletin in Geneva….Jean-Pierre Du Pont

Indeed, suffering for several years already from prostate hyperplasia, which at its age, is quite in the order of things, we have also just learned that the tyrant has since 2003, been diagnosed with Waldenström’s disease, that is to say, the same malady that once suffered and finally succumbed to President Georges Pompidou on April 2, 1974. Alassane Ouattara, the Ivorian president, would suffer as well.

So, what exactly is Waldenström’s disease? According to specialists, Waldenström disease, also called macroglobulinemia, is a rare form of blood cancer. This disease of unknown origin has the particularity of being neither contagious nor even hereditary. All patients suffering from it suffer from a benign lesion of vascular origin, located in the anorectal region, and hyperalgesic intermittently. Which explains the particular way in which these patients walk, and do not stand long standing. In addition to a rapid loss of breath, the patient’s eye tends to deform due to excessive accumulation and concentration of metastases.


The blood tests of the Cameroonian dictator, going back to 2003, that is to say at the time of the very first diagnosis, enumerate the following hyptheses: “It is a a blood disease that can be lethal in eighteen months, or last ten to fifteen years. “No need to be a wizard since then, to conclude that if it lasts since 2003, we are in the middle of the second hypothesis!

Since his swearing, we learn that Paul Biya was greatly thinned, eating very little, and still under the pressure of his companion. He suffers and bleeds extensively, spends a lot of time in his room, and receives only his chief of protocol, and members of the first circle of his family. His wife, as well as his daughter, urge him to leave all ceasing business in Switzerland, to continue his care.

The BAS, meanwhile, does not hear it with this ear, and intends to make his next Swiss holiday as de-sizable as possible. Informed in real time by accomplices equipped with devices systematically tracking any aircraft that enters the Swiss air species, the BAS has mobilized 15,000 very determined fighters, who will move to the airport as soon as the dictator’s plane touches the tarmac , as a welcome committee. As I write these lines, our members are on a tour of identification in all clinics in Geneva, Lausanne, Neuchâtel and Baden – Baden in Germany, where the tyrant sometimes has his medical habits.



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