Swearing ceremony: Ernest Obama humiliated by Samuel Eto’o live on Vision 4

The somewhat comical scene took place this Tuesday during the ceremony of oath of the Cameroonian Head of State Paul Biya.

While the “Dinosaurs of the Info?” Of which Ernest Obama were live from the esplanade of the National Assembly, the Director of Vision 4 was snubbed by Samuel Eto’o in front of thousands of Cameroonian viewers.

Seeing Samuel Eto’o and his wife, Ernest Obama – indeed – approached the couple to snatch a little word before the start of the ceremony. It was without counting on the indifference of his “great friend?” Who, after a usual greeting, left the Vision DG on the steps of the esplanade to join the illustrious personalities present at the ceremony.

Ernest Obama’s clenched smile and Parfait Ayissi’s deformed face that followed this scene could testify to the discomfort created by this gesture.

And even if the CEO of Vision4 was quick to save the situation by recalling that he had just taken a “wind of Samuel Eto’o?”, This self-mockery did not convince the Cameroonian netizens who did not not deprived of laughing at Ernest Obama’s “doom?”