Sisiku’s Lawyer Says Ambazonia Leader Is Ready To Negotiate With Biya

The Lead Counsel for Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and nine other Ambazonia Leaders arrested in Abuja and transferred to Yaoundé has declared that his client is ready to meet Paul Biya and negotiate a peaceful resolution to the current conflict in the Anglophone Regions.

“My client, Sisiku Julius Ayuk, President of the Federal Republic of ‘Ambazonia’ is ready to meet Mr Biya or whosoever and negotiate the matter,” Barrister Fru John Nsoh said.

Sisiku’s Lawyer Says Ambazonia Leader Is Ready To Negotiate With Biya
Sisiku’s Lawyer Says Ambazonia Leader Is Ready To Negotiate With Biya

In an interview over Equinoxe television, the Barrister-at-Law refuted allegations made on December 31 by Biya that dialogue to resolve the conflict has started and would continue in 2019. “They (Sisiku and co) have never been invited for dialogue,” he disclosed.


He, however, warned that they would not accept any dialogue within the territories of Cameroon, which according to him, is already polarised in respect to the on-going conflict.

He opted for a third party country in Africa where both parties would be able to freely discuss without any fear of whatsoever.

Barrister Fru John also said negotiations can only take place when three conditions are fulfilled which to him depends on Paul Biya who declared the war.

He said there must be a ceasefire, all those arrested freed and an amnesty granted to everybody especially those who have taken refuge in foreign countries because of the conflict.

The Lawyer who remained confident in the case pitting his clients against the State of Cameroon at the Yaoundé Military Tribunal said on January 20, he and other colleagues would be in Nigeria for a similar case, challenging the Government of Nigeria to produce the arrested leaders whom according to them were illegally transferred from Nigeria to Cameroon after their arrest without due process.

Despite the entire legal voyage, Fru John argued that they only way out of the current stalemate is negotiation which would



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