The lawyers assembled went to the police on Monday morning to be informed of the places of their detention, to take note of the complaint of Arch Bishop Jean  Mbarga and the charges against these Christians who demanded only the justice and the help of the church.

Since their arrest on the morning of Sunday, October 28, 2018, these peaceful demonstrators who had no weapons and did not vandalize the church, have neither been eaten nor drunk. They could not take a shower. Among them, there are women whose children are in tears.

The team of lawyers who formed spontaneously saw all his legitimate requests rejected by the police. Clearly, the regime has chosen abuse and psychological torture to hope to bring down the challenges.

Arch Bishop Jean  Mbarga , already criticized for his scams and un-Catholic behavior as in other tragic events, chose to defend the state lie. His position during the assassination of Monsignor Balla, whose body was thrown into the Sanaga River, remained very ambiguous. While Cardinal Tumi and Monsignor Kléda have distanced themselves from the regime and denounce electoral fraud, Arch Bishop Jean  Mbarga , helps the regime to embalm the protesters.

Like the priest priests of the time of Jesus Christ, Arch Bishop Jean  Mbarga delivers young Christians to the tyrant by claiming that they have desecrated a place of worship. Yet even in times of war and disaster, it is in the churches that people take refuge.

In Europe, undocumented and homeless people have often taken up residence in places of worship to escape the police. But in Cameroon, it is Arch Bishop Jean  Mbarga who is the first secret agent of the regime and spy of the regime within the church.

The worst murderers and death row inmates have rights, but the satanic regime in Cameroon is using hunger, thirst and torture to terrorize these peaceful young Christians who are peace and justice lovers. According to sources close to Arch Bishop Jean  Mbarga Bagnard, these protesters deserve the death sentence for “blaspheming against the apostle Paul Biya whose power comes from God”.

Only this guy who wears a cassock with demonic signs forgets that Paul Biya, who is his god today, was dismissed from Akono’s seminary for satanic deviations. It is since the arrival of Paul Biya to power that Monsignor Plumey, Monsignor Balla, Father Engelbert Mveng and several prelates have been murdered with religious sisters. All this with the complicity of the dignitaries of the church. Now, Arch Bishop Jean  Mbarga shows his true face of Satan who sermons under the shadow of the repressive crucifix of the diabolical regime.

source: cameroonweb