For Samuel Ikome Sako, the successor of Ayuk Tabe, Tumi would work for Biya.
The Acting President of the Chimerical Republic of Ambazonia does not wish to hold in Buea or Bamenda the English-speaking conference initiated by Cardinal Tumi.

In an interview given to the online newspaper very close to the seclusionist ideology, Samuel Ikome Sako makes it clear that the All English-speaking conference (AAC) will not be held in both English-speaking regions because he says “It (cartinal Tumi, Ndlr) is working for Paul Biya »

Regarding the poll of October 7, the interim President of the Virtual Republic of Ambazonia said to be “amused” by the score of 71, 28% attributed to Paul Biya, candidate of the CPDM “He could not win. We know that since the founding of the Republic of Cameroon, Paul Biya has never won an election in polls .I think he has not even gained 10%, “he says

The” independence “says this re-election of President Biya is without reach for them “We proclaimed the restoration of our sovereignty and we will defend it. That’s all we have to do, “he says.

And add “If they (Cameroonian Defense Forces and security Ndlr) continue to want to impose their hegemony on our territory, we will resist and we will defend ourselves with the same weapon they used against us