Samuel and Georgette Eto’o as guest stars for the swearing ceremony

Several leading figures of the CPDM and some unfortunate candidates in the October 7th election took part in the swearing of Paul Biya on November 6th. The football star, ex-captain of the indomitable Lions Samuel Eto’o did not want to be counted the event.

The man was present with his wife. As soon as he entered, several cameras from the different media wanted to immortalize this moment. Relax and as at ease, he displayed a broad smile for which it is recognized. An attitude like to express his joy to be part of the guests of sizes at this appointment.

Remember that Samuel Eto’o was among those who called to vote Paul Biya for a new septennat. He who has been in power since 1982. By his presence on this day of swearing, Eto’o is posting support to President Paul Biya.

Paul Biya is sworn in for a new term in a country marked by an Anglophone crisis that has lasted for two years.