The SDF leader, Ni John Fr Ndi, gave an interview to the press after the National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting held on Saturday in the suburb of Soa, near Yaoundé.

This is the first official statement of John Fru Ndi since the proclamation of the election results that place Joshua Osih, the SDF candidate in 4th position with only 3.36% of the vote.

What are the main resolutions of this NEC?

We revisited our activities during the presidential election, to see where we made mistakes and thus better prepare for the next elections.

Are there sanctions against some activists?

We can not come to a meeting like this to sanction activists. If we have to punish activists, it will be in other meetings, not in this one. The position of the SDF (in the presidential election Ed) hurts everyone, but we are not here to punish anyone.

What did you think happened to the SDF to get this low score in the presidential election?

What happened is that the northwest and southwest, which are our strongholds, could not vote. Added to this, the fact that other young candidates have entered politics and that some have approached the campaign on issues of people, a drift extremely dangerous for Cameroon.

Some are surprised by the statement of SDF candidate Joshua Osih who recognized the victory of Paul Biya. What do you think ?


This is the candidate for the presidential election. We put all the responsibilities in his hands. I did not come here to blame him. He was in the race and he saw what he saw. That said, whether he congratulates Paul Biya or not, the fact that Mr. Biya is here.

Is this the position of the SDF?

These are debates that take place internally, not in front of the press.

It was felt that some SDF leaders did not support Joshua Osih’s candidacy. Is it true ?


Please, some of them you did not see during the election campaign were sick. This is the case of the Honorable Mbah Ndam, or Senator Emilia Nkeze who have mobilized despite all.

I also take this opportunity to congratulate the SDF lawyers who did a good job before the Constitutional Council and the SDF candidate who made an eloquent speech, demonstrating that he could make a good President of the Republic.

But we have to sit down and see what has not worked in this election, and so to do it in the best way, the next election.