Re-election of Paul Biya: the people of Bazou stormed the street

Euphoria seizes people. The 5 groups of its geographical area are celebrating.

Spontaneously, they storm the streets of Bazou. Armed with signs and banners where messages that sublimate the man of the “strength of experience” are flocked. The constitutional council has just declared definitively Paul Biya, winner of the 2018 presidential election. And there, they did not fail to bend the torso and inflate the biceps. “We are thrilled. This victory of our champion has more flavor.

It is the culmination of the excellent work of ants that our elites, in this case Mr. Jean Claude Mbwentchou, Minister of Housing and Urban Development and his brothers provided “, was in this atmosphere of jubilation popular that Mr. Yactchoua Tounoukeu Jerome, first magistrate of the municipality delivered his feelings hot. They walked, danced, prolonged the party until Balengou, second largest agglomeration of the commune.

“It is our way of thanking our voters who have trusted us by massively congratulating HE Paul Biya, our President who will still lead to the destinies of our dear and beautiful country for the next 7 years. We did not wait until we went to them. It is their voices that give us joy today. We must return the elevator, “recognizes Madame Tchagna Jacqueline Love, president of the Ofrdpc Ndé-West section.

Looking forward to the results

The race of the proclamation of the results had nothing to envy to a final of the champions league. One would think that they (voters) gave everything during the period which enamelled the electoral campaign and the fateful day of October 7, 2018. What not! As a fate crossed, they gave themselves rendezvous on October 22 in the community box. They dominated the suspense and anxiety that was on their faces. Only center of attraction, what sauce will they be eaten after their citizen gesture? They held their breath.

We saw some, sometimes force a smile when many constituencies did not give them great favorite, sometimes laugh out loud when their “champion” gleaned the majority of votes, Regions after Regions. All this under the gaze can not be more attentive sub-prefect of the District of Bazou, officials of public services, traditional leaders.