Re-election of Biya: Longue Longue attacks Samuel Eto’o

The Longue Longue Artist, whose real name is Simon Longkana, continues to shake social networks and attacks anyone who has supported the CPDM candidate for his re-election to his seventh term, Samuel Eto’o has he too is paying the price

In a recent video circulating on social networks, the “Liberator” directly castigates the Cameroonian diplomat Samuel Eto’o, calling him “sardine bread (Expression used by social networks to describe all those who have supported the Biya candidate)

“You do not need him, (Paul Biya, Editor’s note) you have to be at the side of the poor, you are a child who has suffered, I do not put that in the context of wickedness, but I put that in the part of an error … He invited you to the palace just because you are Samuel Eto’o, “said the author of the hit album” Ayo Africa “in a video that was superabundantly shared on facebook.

The artist thinks that the “brand” Samuel Eto’o was simply used for political purposes. Long Long acknowledges, however, that Samuel Eto’o has done a lot for Cameroon, unlike the “sardinard” musicians who, according to him, should not be forgiven.

“For once, we can also forgive him because he has made things have seen, we can still tolerate it, “he says

Let’s recall that it was on the doorstep of the presidential palace, at the end of a hearing, that Samuel Eto’o had announced that he would vote for the “candidate president”, a “unifying leader”, a statement that had created a public outcry in the opinion

The candidate Akere Muna Long Long supported during the campaign was “sad and shocked”, recalling that Samuel Eto’o, now 37 years old was just one year old when Paul Biya became President of the Republic.