Re-election of Biya: CEMAC states presidents call on Paul Biya to dialogue for peace

This is not a hoax! The heads of state of the Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa on Thursday called the Cameroonians to a dialogue with their government. Condition, according to them, so that peace can reign in the country.

The declaration of the Heads of State and Government of Congo, Gabon, Central African Republic, Equatorial Guinea, Central Africa and Cameroon against -with those of other international organizations, which ask the government to listen to its people.

The United Nations, the human rights organizations, Cameroon’s partner countries, have repeatedly called on the Yaounde regime to initiate dialogue with the population to end conflicts in the regions of Cameroon. North West and South West.

An unparalleled crisis for the country. Clashes have been going on for two years in English-speaking Cameroon, since law enforcement and security forces violently repressed corporatist demonstrations by lawyers and teachers in October 2016.

Numerous arrests have been made, favoring the radicalization of some. What the government reacted to was a steadily tougher stance, to the point that some ministers often referred to the northwestern and southwestern populations as terrorists.

The much promoted dialogue is slow to take place in Cameroon. The dilemma lies in the identity of the vis-à-vis the state if such an initiative came to take shape. Anglophones show a certain mistrust of their elites and traditional leaders and call for foreign mediation.

Restriction of the freedom to protest

In Cameroon, the slightest movement of mood can lead to violent repression or other types of sanctions. This was the case in the course of 2017, when specialist doctors were assigned to rural hospitals that did not have technical platforms adapted to their skills.

Their fault: to have initiated a strike to claim better working conditions. The sanctioned doctors have rejoined their duty stations despite their criticism of this decision by the Minister of Health.