Military coup … aborted in Gabon. US troops disembark in Gabon to ensure “order” in the DRC. French-Russian raids with arms delivery in CAR. The diplomat and businessman Benalla in Chad. Situation bordelic and semi-chaotic in Cameroon …. In short, imperialism never dies.

The socio-politico-economic landscape in Central Africa is disastrous. Consider the most important country in the subregion, both economically, demographically and strategically: Cameroon. Well, this country is embroiled in a quadruple crisis (deadly attacks of “Boko Haram” in the Far North + Nigerian refugees, admittedly managed by the UNHCR, civil war in the so-called English-speaking regions:

North-West and Southwest, in the East, a more than miserable state of Central African refugees and local populations, the general economy of the country is faltering …. and therefore the situation more delicate than weakened by the State itself. even). I do not even talk about the situation of youth.


In Chad, despite the latest investments by a French businessman, named after Alexander Benalla, the country is plunged into a much tougher economic crisis than that which strikes its neighbor Cameroon. International “helpers” alleviate the pain, the pain … but can not put an end to it.

In the Central African Republic, the Russians and the French, have a good game of making raids on the ground, the situation in this landlocked country remains the most deplorable in the sub region. What to say about Equatorial Guinea? The presidential family is doing very well. Father-President and son-Vice-President even danced at the end of December at the rhythm of the ndombolo of a Koffi Olomide, super. However, the people of this oil-rich country are severely hit by poverty and new IMF advice.

In Gabon, a small and rich country, Ali Bongo is recovering in Morocco. His army, which had accompanied the regime of his father for more than 40 years without flinching, and who also accompanied him, Ali, until the disease inevitably falls on his head …. This silent army and lazy so revolutionary missions are discovered.

It’s a safe bet that 2019 will be Central Africa a tragic year. If we join this space, the DRC, the tragic word would become a euphemism, but let’s get back to the subject of the day: Gabon and others.

In Gabon, soldiers like children, say they are disappointed by the wishes of President Ali Bongo, currently recovering in Morocco, after suffering a stroke in late October. They expected a speech where the “victim” of stroke finally deigns to power …. instead, they were entitled to a “distressing spectacle … of fierce conservation of power.” There is an irresponsibility, a cowardice, an opportunism worthy of certain African armies. The distressing sight is to see such a cowardly army, which has been on the ground for a long time, for some time unknown, foreign armies, but which benefits a president being permanently affected to make his voice heard. The distressing sight,

it is undoubtedly the fierce preservation of power …. but it is also the fierce or desperate or militarized conquest of this same power. How to understand that in the studio of the national radio, to get their message, they have felt the need to stage their machine guns? Who was the enemy? People who refuse to submit to the military authorities?

So let’s talk about “Council of Free Terror” and not “Council of the Restoration” which means absolutely nothing. The military want to restore what? Before Ali Bongo, there was his father Omar Bongo, who was nothing like a friend of democracy, nothing of a friend of the people. The military will not restore anything at all. They just want power. They take advantage that their great leader is sick to play the brave ….. But it is not with this kind of behavior that Gabon will scare anyone. His real enemies, seeing this show rubs his hands. If the Gabonese army misses what to do … suggest here some pan-Africanist missions in the Central African sub-region. There is something to do in Cameroon or Central Africa … or even in the DRC. These different states,

Gabonese, even the worst political enemies of Ali Bongo, we can only call to a spirit of responsibility. To defeat an enemy in this way is not an unexpected chance, it is a poisoned gift. Military regimes in Africa have demonstrated, more than once, what they are capable of: not much. We must therefore avoid any cooperation with these adventurers who discover the “good”, the “interests” of the people.

Gabon does not need a “Council of the Restoration”. He has a young and active youth who must work in discipline, patience, and the courage to defeat the corrupt elites (political, economic, military, intellectual, traditional …) of this country.

It will therefore be necessary with all his strength to say no to the military and to their “restoration council”. I am learning right now that the authorities have arrested the “revolutionaries”. May they be punished! Well, what leads me to something else now: What are American troops doing in Gabon?

According to RFI, waiting for election results in the DRC worries the United States. In the name of what ? Yet we were told América first, we were told that Donald Trump was back on himself, on his America … he even left Syria. Alas, the extreme humanity of the Trump administration pushes it to position 80 US military in Gabon. Trump writes, “This is a response to the possibility that violent protests will take place” following the December 30 election.

Admittedly, it is about 80 over-equipped soldiers, but the DRC … it is nevertheless a territory of 2,345,410 km, with a population of more than 80 million inhabitants. Will we be led to believe that 80 soldiers will be able to ensure the safety of a population of 80 million, already over-damaged by rape, disease, wars? What are we going to secure in a country that is intrinsically insecure? Will they also secure the places where Ebola is rampant?

Even armed with the most sophisticated artificial intelligence in the world, these 80 military can not validly protect a population of 80 million inhabitants. These 80 soldiers are strictly the surveillance-strategic American, or say a “help” destabilization or accompaniment … .The US has a candidate they are preparing to accompany or maintain power. Or more banally, there are American companies that plunder this country, and it will not be necessary to disturb with electoral quarrels. The 80 soldiers would be there to secure, monitor US interests at a specific location.

In the name of what Trump, who himself worries humanity, is he going to Gabon to save the DRC? From the American superpower. American interests. Not Gabonese interests, Congolese, or neighboring countries …. 2019 will be a sad year for Central Africa, or more broadly, the so-called Great Lakes


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