Putch missed in Gabon: here is the surprising reaction of France

Presidential Macron Wants To Answer The Anger Of The First Round
Emmanuel Macron on the failed coup in Gabon

Soldiers called for the uprising on Gabonese radio on Monday. The government quickly took over the situation after a few hours of confusion.

An attempted coup was led by a handful of soldiers Monday in Gabon. She was quickly defeated.

For the first time in the history of Gabon, a group of soldiers appeared at dawn Monday on national radio and television in Libreville, calling for an uprising and announcing the next formation of a “National Council of Restoration” of democracy.

They took advantage of the absence of the president, Ali Bongo, sick, recovering in Morocco.

Confusion reigned for a few hours, but the government assured it in the middle of the morning that it had regained control.

Government spokesman Guy-Bertrand Mapangou said the mutineers had been arrested by Gabon’s GIGN units, according to RFI.

The security forces have been deployed in the capital and will remain so for the next few days to maintain order. If the borders remained open, the internet was cut in Libreville.

Paris calls for “strict compliance” with the Constitution
The African Union (AU) has “strongly” condemned the coup attempt and reaffirmed “the AU’s total rejection of any unconstitutional change of power”.

Same story on the Paris side who called for “strict respect” of the Constitution in this former French colony and oil producing country. Paris and the Ali Bongo regime have a particularly close relationship.

On October 24, while in Saudi Arabia, President Bongo, who suffered a stroke, was hospitalized in Ryad where he was treated for more than a month before being transferred to Rabat, where he was is still recovering.

For two months, the official communication was rare and partial as to the health of the head of state, fueling the wildest rumors on social networks.

On December 31, President Bongo spoke for the first time since his hospitalization. A speech not very fluid.

The vacancy of power has not been declared in Gabon, but the Constitutional Court has transferred part of the powers of the President to the Prime Minister and the Vice President


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