In his inaugural speech, Paul Biya softened the tone, speaking for the first time of secessionists, not just terrorists, to mention the separatists of the English-speaking regions of the country.

Since the outbreak of the crisis in the English-speaking regions in October 2016, President Paul Biya has always described the English-speaking separatists as “terrorists”. However, this Tuesday, at the investiture ceremony, the tone of his speech changed.

Paul Biya, ready to talk?

Paul Biya spoke of secessionists while asking them to lay down their arms. This is the result of external pressure, according to Hilaire Kamga, activist of Cameroonian civil society.

“It seems to me that this shift in rhetoric reflects a predisposition to dialogue, which has been the element of fundamental pressure, and this has recently been reflected, in the congratulatory speeches of the main countries, after Mr. Biya’s re-election. Serious importance, at the geo-political level, and especially strategic in Cameroon, I want to mention France, Great Britain, and even the United States of America, “says Kamga.

“We can not do democracy with soldiers”

The speech of President Paul Biya also talks about the relaunch of decentralization which should concern the whole of Cameroonian territory.

If the English-speaking regions feel ignored by the rest of the country, the blame would go back to the power of Paul Biya, according to Master Yondo Black, the former president of the Cameroon Bar Association.

“The idea of ​​this separation is a mess that will have to be answered one day in the face of history.You can not do democracy with military commanders. not to make democracy without allowing the citizens to express their deep will, “argues the lawyer.

This day of celebration of a seventh consecutive term of office of Paul Biya was also marked by the arrest and then the house arrest of Maurice Kamto, who came second in the presidential election and who continues to denounce massive frauds registered according to him during this ballot.