POST-ELECTION LITIGATION: CRTV NEWS, THE SIGNING OF A DOUBLE LENIENCY|“The live broadcast of post-electoral disputes and the official results of the presidential election has definitely confirmed the place of CRTV NEWS in the Cameroonian audiovisual landscape. When the signal was not taken on the CRTV, it was necessary to fall back on channel 394 of CANAL PLUS for those lucky ones who are subscribers of a subscription. Good job done!


The fact remains that the existence of this channel whose diffusion will certainly return to the confidentiality after this peak of popularity, is tainted with a double flattery: 1 / the absence of TNT which plays Arlésienne , while it was its advent, announced with great fanfare, which had launched the operation of diversification of the chains of the public television and 2 / a specialization of the chains by kind while it was imperative necessity to launch in priority a english channel.

Regarding the TNT that was to devote the migration of analogue to digital broadcast of the television broadcast signal no later than June 30, 2015, no one speaks more; It is unclear what became of this file, officially entrusted to the CAM-DTV Committee which was out of play by Mincom.

Mr. Chiroma then signed in 2014 a commercial contract with the Chinese Startimes in the amount of 110 billion FCFA, including the technical rehabilitation of the CRTV, contract which it is difficult to say at the moment that it is the state of his execution.

During his last visit to China, the President of the Republic went to the premises of Startimes, in the absence of Mincom! This is a bad sign because rumors of overcharging circulate, and everything suggests that after the Consupe has seized the case, the case will end at the TCS.

Regarding the specialization of public television channels, it would have been desirable, from my point of view, not to start with a continuous news channel, CRTV NEWS in this case, but that the priority was granted to the creation of an independent channel in English. In every country in the world with several official languages, each language has its own public channel. Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, Mauritius, etc … that’s how it’s organized, and not otherwise.

At home, we are made to believe that all Cameroonians are fluent in English and French and that both official languages ​​can cohabit on a single chain without any particular technical development. It is a gross mistake that feeds the Anglophone crisis! See Africanews, which broadcasts both in French and in English!

The television viewer can choose in which language he wants to listen to the programs. This is what CRTV should do to show that it takes into account the sociological reality of a country that is bilingual, but whose citizens are in large majority not. By the way, Canal 2 manages a Canal English channel. Who is the real “national” television in these conditions!