cameroondailyjournal/This is the biggest scandal in the history of Cameroon since independence. To put it simply, we are not talking about losses in terms of tens of billions of CFA francs but more than thousand billion. That is to say 1/3 of the budget of Cameroon. 1000 billion can build a new city for those who want to imagine what it is.

But to understand the roots of the scandal, we have to go back a few years. More precisely at the time of the award. Since 2013, Cameroon has been competing with other countries like Côte d’Ivoire for CAN 2019. Ivorians have a concrete back.

On top of that, Ouattara wants to use football to reconcile the Ivorian nation after 10 years of civil war. The Cameroon file is also expanded with the promise of stadium construction. Moreover, there is on the table the national project of development of sports infrastructures which aims precisely to increase the capacities of Cameroon. But Issa Hayatou is still at the head of CAF. His last gift to Cameroon before his departure is therefore to maneuver to give CAN in Cameroon.

After a fierce battle and after a vote, CAF awarded the Africa Cup to Cameroon on September 19, 2014 at its meeting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. On this date, Ferdinand NGOH NGOH is Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic, Séraphin Magloire Gouda Economic Consilitor and Louis Paul Motaze, Secretary General of the Prime Minister’s Office.

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Back in Cameroon, on instruction of Paul Biya, from January commissions and consultations are organized at the prime minister to prepare the sites. Tenders are launched, auditions, commissions. The president instructed him to send his report in September. On September 5, 2015, Louis Paul Motaze sent the entire file to the presidency. Then nothing. No feedback. Everything is now in the hands of Ferdinand NGOH NGOH and Séraphin Magloire Magloire Fouda.

On October 2, 2015, Louis Paul Motaze left the General Secretariat of the Services of the First Ministry for the Ministry of Economy and Planning. He no longer has a hand on the file. Now Seraphin Magloire adored the new Secretary General of the Prime Minister’s Office. He knows the case well because it is to him and to Ayem Auger that the files of the CAN are listed when he was at the Presidential Palace and is in addition a friend of Ferdinand NGOH NGOH. The axis of evil is established.

We have as economic adviser, Ayem Auger – Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic, Ferdinand NGOH NGOH – Seraphin Magloire Fouda to the General Secretariat of the Prime Minister. In reality, having an old president in front of them and Ferdinand NGOH NGOH, protected by Chantal Biya and important man of the Nanga connection, nothing can stop the trio of criminals in the achievement of the breakout of the century.

First step and the fundamental step the one that opens the door to the Paradise of our billions has been to overhaul all the files of the Motaze commissions. Set aside the companies that were selected. Until December 2016 the gang was still negotiating, creating new pockets of expenses, canceling the previous selections. The most important markets are directly controlled by the Presidency of the Republic.


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Thus in 2017, when Ahmad Ahmad launched his first charges against Cameroon nothing had moved because, the gang of three musketeers had not yet placed all his men in the markets of the CAN. While the files were ready since 2015, in 2017 Paul Biya finds himself giving over-the-counter contracts of tens of billions to companies that sometimes only exist on paper.

Not surprising that CAN 2019 is withdrawn. This is called in criminology: organized crime or organized crime.