Occultism in Cameroon: Paul Biya entrusts his campaign to a death man in the Far North

cameroondailyjournal/Since last August 30th, the official list of the personalities named at the head of the multiple campaigns of Paul Biya for the presidential election is known recently. Unfortunately, as soon as it is made public, it is already making a lot of ink and saliva.

And for good reason, a death was named vice president of the campaign of Paul Biya in the department of Faro in the Ngaoundere region. According to the triweekly L’oeil du Sahel of Wednesday, September 5, 2018, it is Gambo Haman Adama, former district inspector died in Ngaoundéré in 2016, on the eve of the festival of Tabaski.

cameroondailyjournal/The presence of the name of the latter on the list of men and women assigned to the animation on the ground of the electoral campaign, is all the more intriguing that the death was also from the district of Poli, as the president Departmental Amadou Alim.

This situation also provoked sharp criticism, including those concerning the marginalization of a number of CEOs of public companies from the North, the newspaper said. However, they are among the largest providers of logistics funds necessary for the optimal deployment of the ruling party in the field.

It should be noted that from these lists, it emerges that the regional and departmental leaders of the party of Paul Biya have inherited the leadership of the election campaign of Paul Biya in the framework of the presidential election of October 7.

“I do not question the work of those who have been appointed, but in terms of the presidential election, it was good that well-known actors on the ground were also on the front line of the campaign,” comments a political analyst.