Severe Crisis in Mtn Cameroon
According to several sources, the telephone company operating in Cameroon is in the process of firing several employees following a serious internal crisis resulting from the concession of the management of telecommunications infrastructure to the Lebanese company Ihs.

Agents of Mtn Cameroon in full operation.
Since October 31, 2018, nothing is more according to an article produced in the Cameroonian weekly Ecomatin and signed by Emile Fidjeck.

” Disturbances will be observed because of the maintenance work on our network between 23h and 03h. we apologize for any inconvenience “: message received by millions of subscribers of the mobile phone company, Mobile Telephone Networks Cameroon Limited (Mtn Cameroon) this Sunday, October 28, 2018.

An inconvenience occurred after the near-bug recorded on the same network on Friday …. October 2018. As stated in the communiqué supra, Mtn Cameroon justifies by ” maintenance work on its network”. Unfortunately not only.

The company is going through a deep crisis. The waltz of the Directors General, the resignations of the executives, recruitments without previous castings, or misappropriations of funds observed, barely hide a serious internal discomfort. The technical argument about the disruption of the Mtn network turns out to be partial. Good sources, the quality of the network Mtn, formerly the best of the Cameroonian territory, deteriorates more and more. Network now transferred to Lebanese dealer Ihs.

An international company specialized in the management of telecommunications infrastructures. This external service costs monthly nearly one billion Fcfa invoice to Mtn Cameroon, in favor of Ihs. Service became higher when it was carried out by Mtn Cameroon limited, before the sale of its towers and pylons: ” since this transfer, the Mtn network knows many problems “, according to our source, reliable.

Mtn Cameroon also has big cash flow problems. Consequences: limited supplies of equipment and terminals, delays in services and payment of certain invoices etc … Human resources, demotivated by these dysfunctions, are hardly spared by the malaise surrounding.

The company has just sent to nearly 90 employees ” letters of termination of employment contracts “. Breach of contract provoked, according to Mtn Cameroon limited, by ” a suppression or the transformation of certain jobs “, due to ” a reorganization of the company “.

What refutes some concerned. Rather, they are shouting about a ” subjective and discretionary ” breach of employment . Each head of department (Ebu Sales and Distribution, Network Group, Customer Services, Finance, Hr, …) would have drawn up the list of people employed in Mtn Cameroon, likely to break employment contract. Under questionable criteria, according to our sources.

Blow hot and cold

The document of breach of contract jointly signed by Hendrik Kasteel, the Director General of Mtn Cameroon and Victor Oben, the Director of Human Resources, provides ” the calculation of allowances and benefits in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding of 18 October 2018, signed between the staff representatives and Mtn Branch under the auspices of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security “.

Beforehand, indicates the same document, ” the signature of a report of total conciliation before the competent labor inspector “, as well as ” the affixing of the executory formula on the report of total conciliation by the President of the competent court “.

Blowing hot and cold, Mtn Cameroon limited informs the sacked staff that ” in case of new recruitment in the period of two years following the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding “, Mtn intends to ” consider the application” , if the former employee ” has the right profile ,” says Hendrik Kasteel and Victor Oben. The letter of termination of employment contract takes effect as of October 31, 2018.

Mtn Cameroon limited is in Cameroon 600 direct employees, with around 10 million subscribers since its implementation in Cameroon in 2000.