Mimi Mefo case: the pressure of Paul Biya on the Military Tribunal

Paul Biya would have personally decided the release of Mimi Mefo

A few hours after the release of Mimi Mefo Takembou, Colonel Didier Badjeck, head of the communication cell at the Ministry of Defense explained that this is a decision taken by the head of the army in order to appease the tensions.

Mimi Mefo case: the pressure of Paul Biya on the Military Tribunal
Mimi Mefo case: the pressure of Paul Biya on the Military Tribunal

All is well that ends well, could we conclude in the context of the case Mimi Mefo Takembou. Since Saturday, November 10, the journalist on duty at Equinoxe TV breathes indeed the air of freedom. After three days spent behind bars at the New Bell Central Prison in Douala, she was accused of “spreading false news, new lies likely to harm the public authorities or national cohesion, contempt of the constituted bodies and to officials, incitement to revolt against the government and the institutions of the Republic “, is free and could definitely be out of any legal proceedings. A decision she owes to the President of the Republic, who spared no effort to ease tensions and put an end to the mobilization of unions,

A few hours after the release of the deputy editor of this private television channel, the head of the communication division at the Ministry of Defense explained the reasons and reasons for this happy ending. “It is the Head of State who personally decided to stop the proceedings, in a gesture of magnanimity. That does not mean, far from it, that this journalist is innocent.

It should therefore learn all the lessons by avoiding any recurrence … “, said Colonel Didier Badjeck. The journalist relayed a source claiming that US missionary Charles Wesco, who died on October 30 during a clash between English-speaking separatists and Cameroonian security forces in the north-west, was shot dead by gunmen. regular army.

Nevertheless, the journalist Mimi Mefo will appear this November 12 before the Military Court of Douala for attacking the security of the State. However, according to Colonel Didier Badjeck, “Pastor Charles Truman Wesco died from injuries caused by secessionists ambushed at the Four Conners intersection in Bambui”. Indeed, since the incarceration of this journalist, there has been a wave of mobilization coming for most of the confreres, demanding his release.

The decision of the head of state comes to put an end to the claims and cancel the planned activities namely, boycott, rally and march by the unions of journalists, political parties in the days to come. Further from Cameroon, in 2012, the informal spokesman of the Anonymous Collective, journalist Barrett Brown was prosecuted for posting links containing information belonging to the US private intelligence firm “Stratfor Global Intelligence”. After the gesture of magnanimity of the head of state in favor of the journalist Mimi Mefo, professionals should learn all the lessons not to fall into the same kind of flaws to tarnish the image of the national army.

“Returning to this decision which is understood as a gesture of appeasement in the aftermath of the swearing in of the Head of State, it must be emphasized that this gesture should not be understood as an exemption from the respect of the laws of the Republic” , notes Colonel Didier Badjeck.