Maurice Kamto’s bitter reaction to the imprisonment of Mimi Mefo

Voices including media men and civil society actors are protesting the arrest and imprisonment of journalist Mimi Mefo. Maurice Kamto, under house arrest, also reacted to what he calls unfair.

Mimi Mefo has been in custody since Wednesday night at the Central Prison of New Bell.

Here is the whole message of Maurice Kamto

All this because it has leaked information sourced from the accredited news agency ” Cameroon News Agency ”. We do not see how this professional act can lead to prosecution for a military offense. We know that, in truth, this journalist pays for the independence and balance with which she and the house that employs her deal with recent Cameroonian political news and the current one.

I therefore invite all Cameroonians to join their voices in mine for the release of Mimi MEFO, because we do not imprison a journalist simply because he did his job.

To the men and women of the media exercising their profession with objectivity and professionalism, receive my encouragement and my invitation to the resistance against the corporalization of your profession by forces coming from a political regime obsessed only by its only survival to the detriment of that of the overwhelming majority of Cameroonians and the nation.

In the same vein, I request the release of SONA Yves detained in Yaounde, and that of Eyebe Jean Hyacinthe detained as an accused to the Gendarmerie Company of Mfou, as well as the release of all persons arbitrarily and improperly detained in Cameroon at the time it is for their political opinions >>