Mathias Owona calls for the renewal of the English-speaking elite

He elaborates on the announced formation of the first team of the ‘Septennat of great opportunities’
Beyond the pacification of the North-West and South-West, Paul Biya promised in his investiture speech on November 6, a return to growth and a rise in the standard of living of the people. In order to achieve the expected results, what criteria should prevail in the choice of ministers of the post-election government?

The choice of ministers is a matter of presidential discretion. The President of the Republic chooses in a sovereign manner the personalities who will accompany him for the work of the newcomer. As for the criteria for forming a government team, they are multiple and refer to various factors. There are of course the factors of competence, experience and technicality. There are also factors in terms of representativeness and inclusion, given the intercommunity structure of the country. These are the different elements that come into play in the composition of the government team.

Will the head of state not take into account the electoral results of the ministers of the current government in their respective localities, the preparation of the elections of 2019, the longevity and the age of certain ministers?

These are things that can be taken into account, but they are not enough. For example, the head of state may trust a person who has been in a constituency where the election results have not been overwhelmingly favorable. In this case, the President of the Republic could still rely on this personality because his benefits would testify to his competence or his experience.

Is the North West and South West elite currently in business not disqualified to solve the socio-political crisis in these two regions? Can the new government send a signal to this effect?

What is evident is that it is to a large extent appropriate to be able to renew the North West and Southwest elite as much as the government. But here too, it will depend on the confidence that the President of the Republic gives to a particular personality. In reality, the problem is not really related to the representativeness of the personalities who have been chosen as members of the government in the North West and South West regions. The problem refers to intercultural tensions that are above the control of a few personalities.

What place for Paul Biya’s political allies and young people in the next government?

The allies are already there but it remains to be seen whether the President of the Republic will open his government team to the new actors who supported him during the last presidential election. The difficulty at this level is that it is extremely difficult to measure effectively the contribution that these allieslà could have in the final result of the re-elected President of the Republic during the presidential election of October 7th. In my opinion, this will depend on the individual equations of each of these allies. As far as young people are concerned, the President of the Republic promised to bring about a certain rejuvenation of the government team. That said, it is not necessarily clear that this societal category is the fundamental structure of the new government team.