Isolated and Threatened, Tapang Ivo panics and confuse words, while ambazonians fear

Tapang Ivo Tanku, accused of “international terrorism”

Secessionist leaders disassociate themselves from their spokesman Tapang Ivo Tanku, fearing to be themselves, targeted by the American justice in the coming days.

Fear is now pervasive in the camp of English-speaking secessionists, since the filing in the United States of America, of a complaint against their spokesman Tapang Ivo Tanku, accused of “international terrorism”.

This complaint by the law firm Nsahlai Law Firm, which defends the rights of two US residents of Cameroonian origin has brought the case before the FBI and promises to do so with the state police and the local police, the Department of Homeland Security, and Immigration and Customs Control.

Since then, separatist leaders are gradually dissociating themselves from their comrade. To the point of accusing him of being the one who often charged young secessionist partisans to attack “schools, hotels, and kill innocent civilians to gain independence” from the two North West and South regions. -Where is.

Isolated and Threatened, Tapang Ivo panics and confuse words, while ambazonians fear
Isolated and Threatened, Tapang Ivo panics and confuse words, while ambazonians fear


Thrown in revenge, Tapang turns his tongue
A few days ago, in fact, Mark Bareta, one of the leaders of the secessionist cause spread a message on social networks, calling for the dismissal of Tapang Ivo as a spokesman of the independence movement.

Tapang has suddenly become a promoter of non-violence. The man who, in November 2018, sent his associates “to visit innocent civilians in hotel rooms in Yaounde and Douala” turned his tongue. “We have always said that we need to protect francophone minorities in Ambazonia,” he says.

The separatist spokesman is now advocating dialogue with Yaoundé. “We will dialogue and negotiate in the presence of the UN,” he said. And to continue: “Really, we will not go anywhere without Unity. I apologize to everyone. Keep our egos, repair the barriers. Let’s learn to love and tolerate everyone without stabbing and without hatred. Unity gives hope and victory.

According to the English press, Tapang Ivo is in panic. Recently, he posted a message on Facebook, addressing the law firm that is pursuing him and urging him to “open a peaceful channel for peace talks with me, where I could express my sincere condolences as stateless to affected families that this law firm represents. Let’s give peace a chance. ”

Tapang Ivo needs a lawyer to represent him in US courts. He will also have to make many trips to attend the hearings. “It will take a lot,” confesses a colleague of the English-language press. But “at first glance, he does not have one. That’s why he’s constantly online on social networks, begging and literally preaching for unity with other Ambazonian factions. “



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