The Gabonese scenario is emerging in Etoudi. According to a reliable source, Paul Biya is preparing to give his
Very devious son of the tyrant Biya who reigns with an iron fist over Cameroon for 36 years, Franck Biya went back to school to practice politics a few years ago. More ready than ever, Franck is ready to take his father’s place.


Never far from the arches of power which he controls all the wheels, with the help of old barons, nothing escapes him. For the septennat that his father starts, he will take the queens from the 4th to sit his power, and try to control all the barons with the help of his father before his total weakening.

He wants to perpetuate the dynasty for the greatest misfortune of poor Cameroonians who struggle to oppose it. The goal here is to assume a bright future for the minority who eat at the expense of the vast majority.

To further mark the field and win the Cameroonians, it is increasingly common with his father and especially in all his outings as he accompanied his dad to complete his vote.

“What is very sure, something is being prepared,” says an internal source in the civil cabinet. “It is for Paul Biya, the only pledge, the only way for him not to end his life in prison,” he concludes.


Our sleuths will follow this file very closely …