Ali Bongo is hospitalized in Riyadh according to official information.

According to the Libreville authorities, Ali Bongo is recovering in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where he felt unwell at the end of October. The state of the president of Gabon is talking in the country.

“His Excellency is getting better and is resting right now at the King Faisal hospital in Riyadh, surrounded by his family and some of his collaborators”, this statement is from Ike Ngouoni, spokesman for the presidency of Gabon . And since then, Ali Bongo’s health status continues to inspire many reactions in the political stables and in the Gabonese population.


Turbulence and ardor …

If he did not report the illness of the head of state, but the statement of the Gabonese opponent Jean Ping occurs ten days after Ali Bongo’s hospitalization in Riyadh.

The unfortunate candidate in the last presidential election, Jean Ping, believes that facing “the worst turbulence” in the history of Gabon, “a dawn rises for the country that encourages ardor ….”.

An irreverent attitude

On the side of the ruling party, we are indignant at the irreverent attitude of some Gabonese face the health of Ali Bongo.

“The Gabonese Democratic Party observes and notes with disappointment that under the guise of democracy, disgraced political parties and compatriots in search of fanatic dissatisfaction continue to behave like compatriots who are really lacking in frankness and righteousness. by political calculations, “said Eric Dodo Bounguendza, General Secretary of the Gabonese Democratic Party (PDG).

Demand for transparency

Other Gabonese like Alfred Mboumba demand transparency around the president’s state of health. “The government would do better to give the elements of appeasement that would avoid seeing everything that is written here or there and is not reassuring.”

The president would be better

Finally, speaking on the state of health of the President of the Republic, Guy-Bertrand Mapangou, the Minister of Communication, spokesman of the government has ruled out the possibility of a vacancy of power now, and he says that Ali Bongo is gradually recovering from his “severe fatigue” diagnosed by doctors.