Cameroon: ‘I like when a leader takes risks like Kamto does’ -Paul Biya

I like what just happened to Maurice Kamto. I like when a leader takes risks as he does.

That’s the only language that Paul Biya understands and that’s the strength of Ni John Fru Ndi. The human being loves courageous people, who take risks

It is by acting like Kamto does , with courage and panache, that we have obtained the freedom of the press in this country.

Where does it come from the fact that the opposition parties, constantly stolen, do not have the right to meet, if only to “cry” about their fate? Do not be afraid; do not be afraid, nothing irreparable will happen to Maurice Kamto and his companions.

Of course they are not immune to a burr, exactly as we are not immune to a bad maneuver of a Ben skin. But the tactics used by Kamto is the only one that can or will push the regime to fault, and that will result in its loss.

This is always the end of dictatorships. This is how the arrest of Celestin Monga and Pius Njawe pushed, years ago, young people in the street and makes the regime of Paul BIya waver very seriously. Do not be afraid; do not be afraid.

It is essential to put all sorts of pressure on this regime so that it comes back to habits more frequent, or it goes away at the pace of races. Admit that the image of Paul Biya, Niat, Cavalier Yéyé running to a helicopter, would be beautiful to see.