I had 100 partners and 1000 sex – an addict tells his story


A 25-year-old American told the story of her sexual addiction to Internet users

You have to have a lot of courage to talk about certain subjects in public. A 25-year-old American told the story of her sexual addiction to Internet users. Incredible revelations about unsuspected sexual practices during her adolescent life. She advises …

The American Monique Price who is just 25 years old from far away Wanda People! The go told her story to make other women aware of sex addiction, a disease that has haunted her for 10 years! Maama the go was no longer held back …

According to this mother of four, she slept with more than 100 partners and performed more than 1000 sexual intercourse! “I lost my virginity at age 14, my excessive appetite for sex began at age 15 when I participated in a sexual orgy with several men. I pretended to be 18 years old. Often when the parents were not at home, I regularly started sex over the phone. ”

addiction, you do anything to get that shot and you do not care about how you got it or who hurt you. It’s just that uncontrollable urge that supports all your mind and body. I did not realize that what I was doing was dangerous because I only thought of myself. I was definitely a bad mother, I slept my children, then I went out of the house to have sex and I did not come back for days. ”

A disease that nearly ruin the life of one who is now a medical assistant.

“I caught STDs that could have killed my unborn child, and I still did not stop because my body did not want me to do it. I was so stuck in a deep black hole and I did not know how to go out, I thought my life was over. ”

Fortunately, she met her fiance, Brandon Lamar Blu, 31 who proposed her to marry him and help him overcome his sex addiction. Today, she is in therapy but still fights against the desire to have sex “at least six times a day” with her fiancé.

She advises girls suffering from this disease to surround themselves better and to do therapy because sex addiction can have serious consequences.



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