Ghana’s Black Stars captain Asamoah Gyan, also known as Baby Jet, is undoubtedly one of the richest footballers in Ghana and Africa. Unfortunately, the celebrity and the money of a star do not assure the fidelity of their wife.

After several years of marriage, Asamoah Gyan doubts the paternity of her children and asks for a divorce from his wife Gifty. The Ghanaian international would have discovered that his wife Gifty with whom he was typing his chest to have three children, would always be married to another man residing in Italy, with which she would continue to make legs parts in the air.

Nhyira FM reporter Nhyira Fm, well introduced in the file, revealed that a few years earlier, when things were not going well in her home, Gifty had to leave Italy to settle in Ghana where she changed her name, before meeting Asamoah Gyan.

Baby Jet Asamoah, having recently known about his wife’s first husband, would have found a strong resemblance between him and his children. He jumped up and immediately concluded that these three children with whom he found no physical similarity, were the fruits and the tangible proof of the infidelity of his wife. He therefore asked for DNA tests to certify that he is not the father of his kids, and started a divorce proceeding in a court in Accra.

Ghanaian justice rejected the divorce at the request of his wife. The footballer’s lawyer immediately appealed as Asamoah waited for the end of the trial to marry a wealthy Ghanaian businesswoman named Nina Atala.

Behind this case, there are also big money. For the wife, Gyan Assamoah would like to leave her for another. But for the Ghanaian international, his wife wants to eliminate him to enjoy his property. Gyan Assamoah has many sources of money through his investments.

1.Mama Vits Noodles and Rice: import of rice and noodle, launched in 2012.

2.Baby Jet Airlines: launched less than a year ago. It is an airline operating at the national level for the moment but which should serve destinations outside the continent.

3. Asa Band: The Ghanaian, music lover, had launched a band, named Asa Band, in 2015, which had even released an album.

4.Jetlink Events: Asamoah Gyan has a successful event management box, called JetLink Events & Logistics located at Adjiringanor in Accra.

5.Promotion of boxers: a company that deals with the promotion of boxers, including the champion of IBO Lightweight Emmanuel Tagoe, among others …

6.Baby Jet Plaza: This is a commercial place in Accra where there are several companies and stores such as Cal Bank, HFC Banka and GCB Banks …

7.Paradise Pac Water: company specialized in the production of drinking water.

8.Real Estate, real estate: he now owns some buildings in the city center of the capital that he leases to companies or businesses.

9.Public transport: at least twenty quality buses that connect Accra to Kumasi.

10.Student hostels: hostels at some private universities across the country.

11. Energy Drinks: This is the last baby in the Gyan Empire. An energy drink called Run, whose factory will be in Ghana, and which will employ many citizens.