Garbage pickup: HYSACAM now has a competitor

Mountains of garbage littering the streets of Yaounde! The end of these unsustainable images, it may be for soon! The Yaoundé Urban Community (CUY) announces the imminent commissioning of a new household waste collection company. The announcement is made in the columns of Cameroon Tribune published this January 4, 2019.

“According to some sources, the population of Yaounde is estimated today at 3.5 million inhabitants. HYSACAM (the company that had the monopoly until then) makes efforts to work throughout the city and periphery. But the task, it must be admitted, is difficult. It is this set of elements that led the Government Delegate (Gilbert Tsimi Evouna Ed), divided the city in the perspective of the establishment of a new garbage collection company “, explains, Georges Mahou Nguimbous, Head of Environment and Hygiene Department at CUY.

Garbage pickup: HYSACAM now has a competitor
Garbage pickup: HYSACAM now has a competitor

He indicates that “the contract has already been signed with the URBBANDNA / AMBIAFRICA / LIPOR grouping. This company will work in the districts of Yaounde III, VI and VII. As these are large investments, the group is in the phase of conditioning before actually launching the execution of the market, “adds the CUY executive.

For now, the effective date of commissioning of the new company is not known. “The ball is in the camp of the new company that is in phase of conditioning,” says Mr. Mahou Nguimbous who also said that this group will benefit from its own garbage dump.

So that could definitely solve the problem of household waste, which arises sharply in the capital of Cameroon for several months. Because of certain contractual commitments not respected by its partners, in particular the State, the company HYSACAM (Hygiene and Health of Cameroon) has difficulties to do its work well. This company will however continue to carry out its tasks in the districts of Yaoundé I, II, IV, V.


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