France officially recognizes the victory of KUNKUMA

‘France wishes President Biya success for this new term’

“France sends its wishes of success to President Biya for this new mandate to meet the legitimate aspirations of the Cameroonian people for security, prosperity and the full expression of freedom”

This Tuesday, October 23, 2018, the Embassy of France in Yaoundé has released a statement in which France unveils its reaction to the presidential election of 07 October 2018 in Cameroon.

At the end of this election, the candidate Paul Biya, outgoing Head of State, was declared winner with a score of 71.28%, far from his dolphin Maurice Kamto 14.23%.

All eight competitors to the outgoing president, challenged the official results proclaimed yesterday in Yaoundé by the Constitutional Council. Pushing the criticism further, the candidate in second place Maurice Kamto and the third Cabral Libii have decided not to recognize the coronation of Paul Biya who has been in power for 36 years.

Notwithstanding this atmosphere of political protest, France, the former mother of Cameroon, declares bluntly its satisfaction with the organization of the 2018 presidential election and wishes the re-elected president success.

Below the statement of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Cameroonian Constitutional Council proclaimed the re-election of President Paul Biya in the presidential election on 7 October. France wishes President Biya his best wishes for this new mandate in order to meet the legitimate aspirations of the Cameroonian people for security, prosperity and the full expression of freedoms.

We note with satisfaction that the presidential election has generally been peaceful. We call for the maintenance of this peaceful climate and the respect of the legal procedures if the results should be contested. We regret, however, that many Cameroonians have not been able to express their choice, particularly in the north-west and south-west of the country.

We recall our condemnation of the violence committed in these regions and reiterate our call for the launch of an inclusive political dialogue, the only way to resolve a crisis that has worsened over the past year and has consequences for the regions. populations concerned. With other partners, France, committed to the stability and unity of Cameroon, naturally stands ready to support any dialogue process that can be put in place for this purpose.

In this context, France wishes to continue working with Cameroon, a partner country and friend, to develop bilateral relations in all areas. It will continue to support the development of Cameroon for the benefit of the Cameroonian people.