In Cameroon, the English-speaking separatist leaders want to “resist” the re-election of Paul Biya. Below is the interview Samuel Ikome Sako, Acting President of the Self-proclaimed Republic of Ambazonia.

Samuel Ikome Sako, you are the acting president of the self-proclaimed Republic of Ambazonia, how do you react to the re-election of Paul Biya at the head of Cameroon, with 71.28% of the votes, according to the final results made public by the Constitutional Council?

It makes me laugh because he could not win. We know that since the creation of the Republic of Cameroon, Paul Biya has never won an election at the polls.

Do you think that the 71.28% of votes cast do not correspond to reality?

I think he did not even earn 10%.

You have always threatened to disrupt the electoral process. Although there was little affluence in the two English-speaking provinces, the voters still moved. Is not this a failure for you, the secessionists?

Listen, we have people on site who gave their point of view on the elections. They agree with us: we boycotted 100%.

Despite the boycott you launched, the Constitutional Council declared Paul Biya winner of the presidential election for a seventh term. What are you going to do now?

To tell the truth, it does not concern us. We proclaimed the restoration of our sovereignty and we will defend it. That’s all we have to do.

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So you will multiply the attacks in Buea and Bamenda …

If they continue to want to impose their hegemony on our territory, we will resist and we will defend ourselves with the same weapon they used against us.

In an interview with Cardinal Christian Toumi Monday (22.10.18) to the DW, the latter announced the organization, towards the end of December, of a conference in order to resorb this crisis which shakes the English-speaking provinces. What do you think ?

He has the right to organize the conference but not in Buea or Bamenda. He must prepare to give his lecture in Douala and Yaounde. But I think he’s working for Paul Biya. Perhaps the Vatican can try to reunite the two belligerents of this conflict.