The former Campaign Director of Maurice Kamto is one of the personalities who reacted after the swearing of Paul Biya on November 6, 2018.
“The concepts of rigor and moralization seem to me to have been thought of with good intentions.

But too soon their initiator has entered a political-clanic gear that has removed from these noble objectives that would undoubtedly have allowed Cameroon, not to plunge into the abyss as is the case at this time. Today we are wondering if Paul Biya was really animated by these intentions. For, only a few years after taking office, he was reported by a former resigning minister, cases of embezzlement of money classified at the time in a register called “Operation Whale,” said Paul Eric Kingue in edition of November 7, 2018.

Emile Bindzi of the movement 11 million citizens initiated by the former presidential candidate 2018, Cabral Libii, thinks that Cameroon was entitled to the current regime, 36 years of “lies and deception.” Years that he says showed tribalism, individualism, social injustice, intolerance and corruption.

“The lure of economic progress highlighted by the IMF and the World Bank through the plans of multiple structural adjustments and which are not yet in their last economic manifestations reveal from now on the ephemeral and the fatal destiny of this regime gabégique.

The social aspect presents us with a society where doubt, vulnerability, uncertainty and precariousness in all its forms are combined: women give birth on the ground to be sequestrated in the said health facilities, primary and secondary schools, Universities and training schools have become centers for experimenting with pornography when they are not simply factories of unemployed and ineffective workers, “he adds.