CONFIDENTIAL: Samuel Eto’o Supposedly dreaming of a ministerial post

CONFIDENTIAL: Samuel Eto'o Supposedly dreaming of a ministerial post
CONFIDENTIAL: Samuel Eto’o Supposedly dreaming of a ministerial post

Since the withdrawal of the CAN, several files continue to be unveiled?

Like all the thuriféraires of the Biya diet he wanted to make a place for himself in the sun. president of the Fecafoot? Noooon it’s small! The guy yearned for a much bigger job! Minister of Sports. You know, since the election of Weah in Liberia Eto’o has become too dreamy.

It is said that one day he will also become president of Cameroon. But for that it was already necessary to occupy decision-making positions within the apparatus. Eto’o wanted to play all his strategy to this CAN. From the beginning he was interested in field work, in their evolution. If he has never been inside the seraglio itself, he knows all their intentions. He was interested in the management of resources allocated to the construction of infrastructures.

As soon as he knew that Cameroon would not meet deadlines he went to meet Ahmad and his friends who had already made the same observation beforehand. It is therefore he who will negotiate this hearing of which the vice president speaks during which they informed the founding president that Cameroon would not be ready because of the screaming delays recorded in the realization of the work, and therefore that we would remove it. A doubt? What friendship could the CAF commission have with Biya to worry about the information it received from its collaborators? How did they know he was being cheated by his collaborators? It’s the big Samy.

After this blow, Eto’o became the henchman of Paul Biya, first by working with the CAF not that this information encroaches on his campaign. Then, after the election he introduced phase 2 of his plan: promising the CAN to Paul Biya, very disappointed by his collaborators. Eto’o’s son told Biya that he could bring back the CAN despite the withdrawal, playing on his networks around the world.

Her invitation from Rihanna, her gala match was not a joke. Samuel Eto’o and Biya put the package in order, the taxpayer’s money what, for the CAN to come back to us. And they had almost succeeded until the blood of Charles Wesco ALIAS Jesus Christ of Cameroon resurfaced. The Americans have summoned FIFA not to change their minds. Point of competition in a country at war.

If Samuel Eto’o had succeeded it would have become the minsport of Biya who would not have skimped before getting rid of the traitors of his treachery. Eto’o would then have the free field to extend his empire on the Cameroonian football. Evil took him. . .