[Confidential]: Atangana Nji buys a villa worth 775 million in the US

The purchase, reported by a member of his in-laws residing in the US, would have occurred two weeks ago at the height of the post-election crisis in Cameroon. No doubt the Cameroonian Minister of Territorial Administration (Minat), Paul Atanga Nji, knew at that time the real results of the presidential elections and anticipated the “You never know”.

This luxurious two storey (duplex) house with basement belonged, before the transaction, it seems, to a former tennis player. Its value would be 775 million CFA, with in-ground pool and double garage. It would cover an area of ​​2000 m2 which would include an international tennis court, a fence with an armored barrier and a surveillance system connected directly to the security center of the city. To get the said chic house, Atanga Nji, would have used tips and pass passes well oiled and known in the middle of the forgery, as he could do.

Indeed, the Minat allegedly transferred the money to honor the costs of the services of a communication and marketing firm of the political image that would have promoted the candidate Biya in the media and lobbying on the occasion of the presidential election in 2018, where his namesake Paul Biya was finally declared the winner by the Constitutional Council. Part of this sum would eventually, for camouflage, landed rather in the account of one of his relations that would have taken the steps and would have finalized the purchase for the family of Atanga Nji.

The Cameroonian intelligence service, through its investigations and spies of members of the government would have discovered this transaction by wiretapping.

To confirm, Cameroon has actuated its agents of espionage. Employing the tactics of phishing well-known espionage, agents have managed to bring this member of the in-laws at any recount, without realizing, he spoke to the Cameroonian double agents information that would have him offered a big bonus if he found a similar house in the same neighborhood for a well-known Cameroonian footballer still in action and who would have made the headlines recently by a statement countercurrent.

So, now believing himself a real estate agent, the brother-in-law first thanked the Lord for this gift from Heaven, before describing to them, in a restaurant, how he proceeded to acquire, within a the time of the Minister of TA. Naive, he would have even made the house visit the double agents.

When informed, it is rumored that Paul Biya had asked for him to make a detailed report of expenditures disbursed 50 billion dedicated to the presidential 2018.

We remember that political parties should only receive 15 million each for their campaign . (15X9 = 135). If indeed each party had cashed its 15 million, we would have spent 135 million.
Everything suggests that by publishing the amount of a few million given to the governors of the regions, prefects, sub-prefects, delegates, etc., Paul Atanga Nji wanted, true or false, camouflage the project of buying this house.

To say the least, Paul Atanga Nji could quickly find the way to Kondengui prison. Which would not be new for this recidivist. He reportedly made New Bell prison three times for robbery and feymania.

While his colleagues seem to have chosen Asia to transfer their assets, who insulted and threatened the Cameroonian at each of its media outlets, could soon receive a whim of Paul Biya and join the club of members of government tenant Kondengui : Wait and see.