Minister Mkpatt and the SGPR waged a war of influence over the management of funds

Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh and Pierre Ismaël Bidoung Mkpatt have regularly been at loggerheads in the management of the CAN 2019 file. The withdrawal of this competition in Cameroon should put everyone in charge of his responsibilities, and finally give the President of the Republic to punish the culprit.

In February 2018, the project manager of the Olembe stadium, built by the Italian company Piccini, resigned with a crash as pressure from the CAF intensified on the acceleration of the pace of work. Marc Debandt, engineer, will be presented as a man unable to follow the pace of work.

Information taken, the resignation thus revealed a conflict of competence that brooded between the Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, and the Minister of Sports, Pierre Ismael Bidoung Mkpatt. In fact, the secretary general, rather than managing the strategy, has taken his foot in the plate down the field in the same way as the Minister of Sports, technically competent. But, it would have been difficult as the management of the windfall interested more than the progress of the works on the ground.

It is not until the Letter of the Continent in its delivery of October 31, 2018 which did not dedicate pages with this open conflict between the SG / PR and the Minister of Sports. In fact, Ngoh Ngoh, presents himself “as the true pilot of the organization as the main organizer of the special budget of the event. In fact, while one chairs the meetings, the other acts as sole steward by disbursing the funds he makes available to the companies.

A very appetizing job since the companies involved in the sites index the technical advisor of the SG / PR, Jean-Claude Ayem to twist their arms for the purpose of pumping back-commissions. This senior official of the general secretariat of the presidency and his boss were already singled out for refusing to sign the statements and pay the sum of three billion CFA francs to the company controlling the work of Olembe.

As for Jean-Claude Ayem, who has been blacklisted by many companies for setting up a toll booth for the presidency, it will never be known whether he was acting on behalf of the SG / PR or on his behalf staff. Information taken at good source, he would still live in a studio for an individual still involved in the billions business. A source close to Piccini already said in 2017 that the mafia behavior of Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh and Jean Claude Ayem was detrimental to the organization of the CAN in Cameroon because managing everything in two.

It would have been easier to find a culprit to this situation if the SG / PR had let the Minsep do its job, well itself is not free from any reproach with the case of the 49 billion CFA francs and dark files that haunt him. On this subject, the President of the Republic is expected by the people to energetically punish the guilty.

Because, beyond the mafia behavior of the President of CAF, some close collaborators of the Head of State did not shine by a patriotism foolproof.