War between Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh and Bidoung Mkpatt

The preparation of the African Cup of Nations (CAN), which Cameroon will host in 2019, creates tensions between members of the government involved on this issue, starting with the Minister of Sports, Bidoung mkpatt, who is also chairman of the committee. Organization of this event (“Cocan”), and the Secretary General of the Cameroonian Presidency, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh.

The latter presents himself as the true pilot of the organization as the chief administrator of the special budget – nearly 1000 billion CFA francs (€ 1.5 billion) – set up by the state.

For several months, these two characters close to Chantal Biya, from the department of Haute-Sanaga (center) as the first lady, are at loggerheads. Bidoung Mkpatt chairs the preparatory meetings.

To Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh to disburse the funds to satisfy the public contracts for the works (repair of the roads of five cities, recovery of the technical plateau of the hospitals, construction or rehabilitation of the training grounds …).

Illustration of these tensions: the Ministry of Sports has been given a new Secretary General in the person of Robert Benga. The latter previously served as Chairman of the Board for … Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh.

In August, the sports minister had also tried unsuccessfully to appoint a “commission of experts” to evaluate the quality of the turf laid by the Prime Potomac company in several stadiums including that of Garoua (north). The leader of this company, Ben Modo, is considered close to the Secretary General of the Presidency.


  1. It is now that Paul Biya will understand that most of his ministers, are out there betraying him, stealing money to feed their families abroad, but in turn, will tell Paul Biya lies, that everything is well with the country. Most roads and hospitals are badly constructed, and some of the roads and hospitals are not even constructed, but documents are being signed by the ministers, that they have been constructed. They do all these, just to embezzle money, and sponsor their families abroad. This is what has caused most civilians to feel as being slaves in their own country. And that’s why civilians are being denied the freedom of speech, in order not to expose the ministers of their bad jobs, to the president and the world. Biya should always create time, and go round the country, and check whether things are happening in the right way.

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