CAMEROON NEWS TODAY : Angry teachers announce strike

CAMEROON DAILY JOURNAL|Teachers of state universities intend to make known their discontent on November 26, 2018, through a sit-in at the “Ministry of Higher Education” (MINSUP) in Yaoundé to denounce their living conditions.

CAMEROON NEWS TODAY : Angry teachers announce strike
CAMEROON NEWS TODAY : Angry teachers announce strike

This sit-in will be followed by a general strike in the state universities from November 28, we learn in an announcement of the office of the “National Union of Teachers of the Superior” (BEN-SYNES), which was reunited Monday in Yaounde, the political capital.

“After welcoming the decree signed last week by the President of the Republic recruiting 2000 teachers PhD / PhD from 2019, members of the SYNES regretfully note that the death, kidnapping, harassment and Regular requests for ransoms are required to the teachers of the universities of Bamenda and Buea, “says the announcement.

 The approach of the teachers of state universities aims to push the public authorities to find a definitive solution to the Anglophone crisis. The SYNES, in the communiqué signed by the Secretary General, Benjamin Ngounou Ngatcha, also intends “to denounce the lack of transparency in the management (accreditations, finances, academic follow-up, quality of the diplomas)”.

Teachers also want, through their action, to deplore their living conditions including insecurity, lack of decent housing, deplorable hygiene conditions, inadequate health policy, little prevention, inadequate professional mobility and inadequate infrastructure. The announced strike, if it is held, will be the first of the new Septennat of Paul Biya, called “Great Opportunities”.

This strike notice comes when the President of the Republic instructs the recruitment of 2,000 teachers of the Superior. This recruitment, perceived as the first “strong” sign of the Septennat of “great opportunities” of Paul Biya will be done in three stages. The first is January 2019.

 By that date, 1,000 first university teachers will already have to be included in the lists of the eight state universities. Then comes a wave of 500 in 2020, then a last wave of 500 teachers in 2021. The objective being precisely that in 2021, universities and colleges of Cameroon have six thousand teachers.

The “Minister of Higher Education” (MINESUP), Pr Jaques Fame Ndongo, is formal about selection. “Only merit and competence will prevail”. Applicants must hold at least one PhD or PhD. To fulfill his promise to young people, the Head of State has also opened this offer to Cameroonians living abroad. “For the selection of 2,000 PhD PhD holders, only merit and competence will prevail,” says Fame Ndongo.

As far as recruitment is concerned, the opening of the posts is done by chancellors and vice-chancellors of state universities. In accordance with the profile of the candidates, each department proposes to the school head, who proposes to the rector or the vice-chancellor the profiles of the posts to be filled. Then candidates can submit their applications to the universities concerned. So there will be a session to review the files, classify them according to merits, skills, but also according to the needs of the institution.

 After that, the files will be sent, in order of merit, to the head of school or the dean, or to the director if it is a large school. There is a governing board that reviews the files concerned.
Finally, these files are forwarded to the Rector / Vice-Chancellor who chairs an advisory commission to recruit assistants. This commission will transmit to MINESUP the list of retained / eligible teachers.

And MINESUP authorizes the recruitment of teachers in each university. It is now expected, the opening of the posts to start the process.