CAMEROON NEWS: “I AM LIKE CABRAL LIBII; A YOUNG MAN IN LOVE WITH CHALLENGES AND BIG CHALLENGES” – WILFRIED EKANGA|“Cabral Libii is like me (or rather I am like Cabral Libii), a crazy young man, in love with challenges and big challenges”, these are the real intentions of the young Wilfried Ekanga about the unfortunate UNIVERS in the presidential election of October 7 last.


The political scientist who recently joined the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon for his political program does not skimp on the words to sing the praises to Libii. “This is an example to follow,” he says.

And his latest outing on BBC arguing to work with President-elect Biya if the opportunity arises, strongly hopes Wilfried Ekanga is just a slip for the young Libii.

And even if, he says, “the alleged” betrayal “(although he has done nothing so far) of Mr. Libii must not remove the essence of what is retained of the man, namely: an oratorical genius and an insolent intellect, coupled with courage.

In this unfailing support that the young MRC grants to Cabral Libii, he calls on Cameroonians to leave aside this image damaged by his release on the BBC and focus on what the UNIVERS candidate represents in the political sphere. In other words, “Cabral is an example to follow: every young Cameroonian should have the same foolishness to dare”.

He tried, he dared, he provoked, he jostled, marveled, excited and even mourned with happiness his peers here and elsewhere. The tree is the safoutier, the man is Cabral.

With Professor Maurice Kamto, he will have been one of the two juiciest fruits of this election campaign that ends, but does not end.
I saw, I heard, I listened, I liked.

Cabral Libii is like me (or rather I am like Cabral Libii). He is a crazy young man, in love with challenges and big challenges. He is not afraid of “what will we say? “; he was not afraid of threats and predictions of failure. He did not listen to those who, though they themselves had never realized anything memorable, prophesied him to hell.

Those who criticized the daring he had a year ago, skim the country, urging his countrymen to register to vote the change they wanted.

And thanks to him, we know now that it is possible, with less than 40 rainy seasons on the back, to run in the presidential elections and exceed 5%, of the votes, and even the 15% if we exclude the sublime talent of the three musketeers (Elecam, Rdpc, Conseil constitutionnel) in the area of ​​fraud.
Today, the funeral atmosphere and the great national turmoil since the victory under high cheating of Paul Biya gives him full reason. You are hundreds in my Messenger – and hundreds of thousands across the country – shed tears every day, regretting that I did not answer that call when there was still time.

You did not believe in us. You did not imagine that MRC and Univers had concocted a delicious buffet, and were going to make this election, the most beautiful soap opera in the recent history of our country.
I had yet written on my page when I arrived in Cameroon: “We are preparing a grandiose campaign.” But it was too late

Minister of Paul Biya?
Some who pretend to throw anathema today on Cabral Libii would not hesitate for a single second to accept a post of mayor, night vigil, or even a class leader under the leadership of the CPDM. Art does not lie in the expression of a disagreement, but in the way one has to express this disagreement. When the contradiction turns into a witch hunt, we are simply off-topic.

Let’s not forget that in most countries of the world, opposing parties rule together. In federal republics such as Germany, the composition of the government depends on the majority (relative or absolute) obtained in parliament during legislative elections. If you have not reached 51%, then the coalition government becomes obligatory until this minimal result.

In other words, if two coalition parties still do not total at least 51% of the votes, the government is three or even four. This is why since the elections of 2017, the country is governed by the famous “Jamaican-Koalition” (Jamaican coalition), with the colors of the various parties that make it up, and which stand by chance at the flag of the homeland of Usain Bolt, hence its name.

Now it’s up to you to see who is still the biggest European economy, and the world’s number one exporter.

Because when we get to agree on certain fundamentals and we all want a real advance of the country, we can without problem integrate a government with antagonistic political opinions. From this angle, Cabral does not commit any sin when he speaks of the possibility of integrating the Biya administration “under certain conditions”.

For the crowd that we are, it would be more normal and more rational to wait for him to fix them and to become acquainted with them, before sending him to Pontius Pilate for the crucifixion.

But Cameroon is not a normal and rational country. It is a country where shooting at the other is the only way that some have to exist. Many of us have managed to convince ourselves that talking to others all day long is a job to be legalized. Because “Cameroon is Cameroon”.

The criticism should rather be based on the difficulty, or even the impossibility of producing something good, in a rotten system up to the marrow such as the Biya system. From my point of view, this is impossible. Not because it’s not feasible in itself, but because a 36-year-old abscess has necessarily become incurable, and you just have to amputate your leg. It is not a bandage that Cameroon needs, but a prosthesis.

The retrograde mentality, the love of theft and lies, the democratization of corruption, the abuse of power and the open contempt against youth, have so plagued the CPDM system that they have become part of its record. internal hard. In the CPDM, things are normal because they are not normal.
The best guarantee of change and development for our country remains a complete grooming of the main players in this system.
There is no better alternative.

So I would be Cabral that I would not consider jokingly, the option he mentioned. However, let us give him the benefit of the doubt that he would have the strength to resist the high rot of this regime, of which he was loosely labeled the “pawn”.

It is very likely an umpteenth political kongossa as only Cameroonians know how to create, however it is up to the concerned not to help his detractors in their low work, providing them with weapons by which they intend to shoot him.

For Cameroonians still think that politics is a hate contest, and it will take a little time and patience for their newly acquired political maturity to solidify and change.

It is true that in the MRC, “we” find it more logical to leave a system that no longer works (Kamto 2011) than to consider integrating a system that does not work (Cabral 2018). But since none of us are perfect – the most imperfect are the ones who criticize the most – it would be just as illogical to throw in the trash, all of a mature fruit that is hard only on his side.

The alleged “betrayal” (although he has done nothing so far) of Mr. Libii should not remove the essential of what is retained of the man, namely: an oratorical genius and an insolent intellect, coupled with a courage that only Matomba and Njifor have to show at this age … about 25 million experts in political science.

Therefore, I have only one thing to say to you: leave the kongossa and save only the essential: Cabral is an example to follow. Any young Cameroonian should have the same foolishness to dare. We do not do great things because they are easy to do and because we have seen success in advance. On the contrary, it is because they are arduous and that no one or almost seems capable that one is tempted to do them, in order to stand out.

So, dare to your turn. And in your turn, we will talk about you. For good or bad, it does not matter, but we will talk about you anyway. And history will remember your name on its stone slabs.
The future looks tantalizing, like a date with Madame Meteo. Strongly following!