Cameroon: contract workers have a 30% lower salary compared to civil servants

Fictitious official in CameroonIn 2019, contract workers made up 42% of the public service workforce

This is a statement made by the World Bank in a report that has just come out about Cameroon’s public spending. The international financial institution notes that in 2016, the Cameroonian civil service employed 226,076 people, including 140,533 civil servants (grades A to D) and 85,543 contract agents (categories 1 to 12), or about 2.2% of the total. population.

According to this report, the Cameroonian government hires a large number of contract agents to supplement the technical workforce, especially in category 8, equivalent to grade B1 or B2 of the statutory law.
In 2012, contract workers made up 42% of the public service workforce. In 2015, following the appointment of some contract teachers, they accounted for 37% of government employees.

Only, notes the World Bank, although constituting a large part of the public service staff, these contract workers do not enjoy the same level of job security and the same incentives, since their wages and their premiums are much lower. to those of their counterparts officials “.

In addition, officials benefit from internal training programs that are not offered to contract staff. Although they depend on the civil service, their salaries and benefits are not fair to those of civil servants, since in an equivalent position they receive a salary of 20 to 30 per cent.

Consequence, indicates the World Bank, the survey of personnel management in the Cameroonian civil service confirms that 90% of staff, especially those who do not have a managerial position and contract agents are not satisfied with their level of remuneration.

“This situation can only be detrimental to the quality of the services provided and the results,” she concludes.