Cameroon: ‘I deserve a post in the next government of Biya’ -Prof Messanga Nyamding

Professor Messaga Nyamding himself says do not despair. He continues, he says, to receive special attention from the Head of State.

The biyaist and activist of the first hour has always dreamed of landing a position in the Cameroonian executive. The academic has often hinted under the thatched cottages that it was time for young “political wolves” like him to be highlighted, through a prominent political-administrative promotion.

Author of the theory of the “scientific coup”, Messanga Nyamding has always praised the Head of State. He has never failed to discredit some of his friends from the flames party, whom he calls “internal plotters”.

Hamadou Hamidou, journalist “Yesterday (day of investiture, Editor’s note) at the Crtv, the Biyaiste Messanga Nyamding deciphered the speech of the Head of State As if he was the editor. He made a deciphering and a political analysis point by point. Pr. Charlemagne Messanga Nyamding has spent almost a whole political career defending the CPDM on television sets without being named.

Even during the election campaign, he was the activist who wore the most beautiful jacket in the colors of the CPDM sign of his attachment and loyalty to the Head of State which he had the privilege of Greeting yesterday (Tuesday, November 6) at Palace of unity.

Professor Messanga Nyamding holds a Bac +40 as His Majesty Charles Atangana Manda, another faithful of the faithful defenders of the ideals of the Force man of experience. He has constantly denounced the Masonic and Anustocratic lobbies who took the CPDM in Hostage and blocked his appointment for several years.

He is one of the rare graduates of the CPDM who holds two PhDs in Political Science and Public Law. Courage Prof Messanga pending the appointment. Politics has always been ungrateful.