Ayuk Tabe and nine other leaders of the separatist cause have rejected Cameroonian nationality Julius Ayuk Tabe and nine other leaders of the separatist cause rejected the Cameroonian nationality this Thursday before the Military Court of Yaounde. They are tried for acts of terrorism.

The statement surprised more than one person in the courtroom of the Yaoundé Military Court on Thursday, the separatist leaders do not want to be considered Cameroonian nationals. They recognize themselves as “Ambazonian citizens” and expect Judge Abega Mbezoa to take them into account. What upset the magistrate who seemed taken to the defendant at the opening of the trial of Sissiku Ayuk Tabe and nine other Ambazon leaders.

The scene, somewhat comical, took place at the time of the identification of the defendants by the Court. Julius Ayuk Tabe, the first acting president of the imaginary state of Ambazonia, initiated the movement by rejecting Cameroonian nationality. He was followed by his companions in misfortune and the many reminders to the order of the magistrate have not changed their positions. “This country does not exist yet” repeated Mrs. Abega Mbezoa.

Julius Ayuk Tabe, Nfor Ngala Nfor, Tassang Wilfried Fombang, Henry Kimeng, Cornelius Njikimbi Kwanga, Fidelis Che, Che Augustine Awasum, Egbe Ogork, Eyambe Elias and Shufai Blaise Sevidzem, are being tried in this court for acts of terrorism. They are concretely reproached for having participated in the creation of the State of Ambazonia. Which, according to supporters of secession, should cover the northwestern and southwestern regions of Cameroon.

Their trial opened Thursday, eleven months after their arrest, and will continue on January 10, 2019. Due to the many controversies recorded today, the Court decided that there would be truly opening the file that this day. She did, however, respond positively to a defense motion regarding prisoners’ access to their lawyers and their family members.