Bamenda: the controversy swells after the attack of a school

The attack took place in the morning of Friday.

In Cameroon, the controversy rises around an attack on Friday, October 19, a public school in Bamenda, the capital of the Anglophone province of the north-west in the grip of an armed conflict, which pits law enforcement against separatists Ambazonians. Several sources claim that these rebels abducted several students before retreating. Information officially denied by the authorities.

Journalists and residents of the 3rd district of Bamenda are adamant that the attack on Government Bilingual High School, GBHS Atiela, took place in the morning of Friday.

A group of heavily armed men took advantage of a bushy landscape to break into the school. They then entered a classroom, before retreating quietly forcing six students, including a girl who managed to escape afterwards.

The same sources confirm that the police intervened only after the incident. This version is vehemently denied by the Cameroonian authorities.

The governor of the northwestern province was the first to react. Then the head of communication of the Cameroonian Ministry of Defense went up in the niche. Colonel Didier Badjeck assures that the military authorities on site are just as categorical: “Such an incident has never occurred at this place,” he insisted, while acknowledging that there was further in the campaign two small attacks attributed to the Ambazonian separatists, whom the power describes as “terrorists”.

The Cameroonian officer cites the example of two girls kidnapped in the hometown of John Fru Ndi, the former president of the English-speaking opposition party SDF, on Friday, and he announces an upcoming military offensive to recover them from the hands of their captors.