Kidnapped on Monday, November 5, the 11 students at PSS Presbyterian High School in Nkewn were released today. This is indeed the information given by the observers of the National Telegraph. They confirm that the administration of Psy Presbyterian High School from Nkewn to Bamenda addressed the parents whose children were arrested.

According to some sources, the school authorities informed the parents that they had received an anonymous call for the arrests that had promised to bring back the students in the coming hours. The photo below was captured by the secret guide of a parent of the National Telegraph who is waiting to pick up his children.

The eleven (11) students who participated in the controversial video of Monday, November 5, 2018 are safe and sound returns to school. In an interview with two BBC programs, National Telegraph publisher and editor Eric Tataw gave another point of view after recent investigations revealed that students were abducted by soldiers.

Some parents also confirmed this morning that the army was highly likely, adding that since the incident, contrary to the promises of the regional governor, the army has not sent any research team. National Telegraph also received a leak of PSS Nkewn’s sound while the administration was addressing parents.

One school source said the eleven students had been in their dorms for a long time, but the school would release all students once the others had arrived. National Telegraph is closely monitoring the situation and will provide updates in the coming days. However, the million dollar question is; who is this anonymous call and why did the government not send a research team as promised?