Assassination of the Kenyan priest: the US reacts!

The US ambassador asked his nationals to leave the region

Assassination of the Kenyan priest: the US reacts!
Assassination of the Kenyan priest: the US reacts!

The parish priest and vicar of St Martin parish of Tours Parish in Kembong fled in December 2017 because of violence in this part of the country between the Cameroonian army and secessionists. They took refuge at Mamfe. Then, they returned in April 2018 to comfort the people shaken by the massacres and houses burned.

Thursday, the priest was shot at close range. In a statement, the Catholic Church accuses the Cameroonian army. “An eyewitness said he was killed by government soldiers who were shooting at random from their vehicle. A certain Mr. Johnson Ndip Nchot was also shot in front of his house, a few meters from the church, “said Bishop Andrew Nkea in his statement. He testified that he went to the scene of the tragedy the next day and counted twenty-two bullet holes in the walls of the church.

Following the assassination of the American missionary, the parish priest, and the images of the Cameroonian soldiers filming themselves in the midst of corpses, the United States, through their ambassador in Yaounde, issued a communiqué to declare the English-speaking regions of the North West and South-West now infrequent and forbidden to their nationals. The US ambassador has asked his citizens to clear these places where even the security forces are already fleeing.

Since yesterday, a video circulates on social networks showing Cameroonian police who say they are abandoned on the front in Jakiri Bui department, North West region by the dictatorial regime of Yaounde. Their police station was attacked by Amba Boys. They do not even have enough to eat and accumulate several months of salary delay.

Since the beginning of the conflict, the United States has warned the Cameroonian government of the risk of escalation and attributed to it multiple acts of violence and human rights abuses. “There have been targeted assassinations (…) and fires (as well as) village looting,” the US ambassador, Henry Barlerin, said in a statement. After meeting Paul Biya, the American diplomat said he suggested he use “his leadership to go to dialogue”. But the Cameroonian head of state preferred instead to accelerate the war.

Fighting became almost daily between the Cameroonian security forces and men claiming to be “restoration forces” of an English-speaking state that had briefly emerged between the two world wars, under British mandate.

Initially confined to attacks against the symbols of the state (police station, gendarmerie), the separatists began in early 2018 to kidnap officials and francophones as well as to attack foreign companies they accuse of supporting Yaounde. Many schools were also burned.

The United States, which believes that both sides “simply do not listen” and “engaged in a rhetoric that dehumanizes the opposite party”. Paul Biya can no longer control these two regions. There is no state anymore. This is the total debauchery.