Assassination of the American missionary: ‘crossfire’ between Trump and Biya

American Missionary Ambazony Charles
‘A thorough investigation was immediately opened around this regrettable incident’

Charles Wesco, the missionary shot dead on Tuesday, was targeted by “terrorists” in an attempt to attack a gendarmerie brigade and a university zone, said Cameroon Defense Minister Joseph Beti Assomo.

On social networks, several separatists in English-speaking regions have blamed the death of the American on the Cameroonian army.

The US State Department has refrained from accusing one side or the other, insisting that Yaoundé promised a “thorough investigation” into death from Wesco.

“We have been in contact with senior government security officials in Cameroon and we feel that the victim was caught in crossfire,” said Robert Palladino, a spokesman for US diplomacy.

Palladino called on separatist rebels and Cameroonian government forces to begin “an open and unconditional dialogue immediately.”

According to Mr. Beti Assomo, the 44-year-old American missionary was in his vehicle with his wife, son and driver when he “suffered (Tuesday morning) a shot from the terrorists ambushed” .


“When he was hit at the temple, he was first evacuated to a health center and then transferred to the Bamenda Regional Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries,” he said in the statement. on state radio. “A thorough investigation was immediately opened around this regrettable incident,” he said.

The tragedy occurred in Bambui, 14 km from Bamenda, capital of the English-speaking region of North-West, while a “group of armed terrorists” had invested the premises “in order to attack the university zone and the Tubah Gendarmerie Territorial Brigade “, the district where Bambui is located, according to the minister.

“Immediately pursued by the defense and security forces, the armed terrorists will respond with shots, which will provoke a confrontation between them and the forces positioned around the University of Bamenda,” detailed Mr. Beti Assomo.

“The report mentions four terrorists neutralized, several wounded in their ranks and four 12-caliber rifles recovered,” he said, noting that a student and a soldier were also injured during these exchanges. shots.

In his statement, Mr. Beti Assomo asked “foreign nationals whose presence would be truly essential (in the English-speaking area) to report to the administrative authorities and defense and security forces their movements in the North-West and South-West regions. West because of the activities of terrorist groups and armed gangs that are regularly recorded there “.

In these regions, an unprecedented socio-political crisis took hold at the end of 2016. At the end of 2017, it turned into an armed conflict.

Clashes between the army and separatists, grouped in scattered groups in the equatorial forest, have been happening there for several months almost daily.